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15 July 2021

Good afternoon from a Sunny and warm Corringham Warehouse.

It is so lovely to have some summer weather at long last��

We were delighted to welcome Kim, our Community Champion, from the ASDA Tilbury store to our Warehouse today. We were able to show her our operation and the services that we offer, that are far beyond just being a foodbank supplying pasta and beans. It was lovely to talk through ways we can work together and to support those in need across our community.  Whilst Kin was with us we had some real life scenarios that we had to manage and it gave her a real insight to our work.

We are so grateful to Kim and other community champions across all the various stores that support us in our work. We really couldn't do it without them 

We give thanks for Sandra who coordinates our business relationships, nurtures them and helps  generate new avenues of support for our work, this support is invaluable..

We give thanks for the businesses and organisations that do support us in our work, in many different ways, from supplying free storage facilities, to those that supply food & cash donations we give thanks for them all.

It is a busy time, as we come to the end of the school year and our Schools coordinator Bernadette has been busy making contact with schools and we already have a number of schools that have confirmed that they will be undertaking Harvest Collections on behalf of Thurrock Foodbank, which is lovely and something we are so grateful for.

Our prayer request this week is that as restrictions are lifted next week, those that feel anxious feel a presence of calm, and there will not be division between those wanting to maintain using face coverings and keep a social distance and those who don't, and the wishes of everyone will be respected.

We pray for the end of the school year for the summer break, that the staff have a peaceful and restful time, that the pupils will be able have time out and enjoy the summer holiday, and those waiting for results won't be anxious and the process will be smooth as students review their result and the various options in front of them, whether it be in Further education or into employment. We lift them all in prayer as it has been such a tough time for them all.


Items that we have lower stocks on this week are:

Tinned Potatoes

Sponge Puddings


Rice Pudding


As always, thank you for your continued support, it is truly appreciated and is a great encouragement to us all here at Thurrock Foodbank. If you do want any further information or would like to discuss any aspect of our work in more detail please do not hesitate to contact me.


best regards

Pete Newall

Operations Manager Thurrock Foodbank


Office: 01375-416200




Thurrock Foodbank has been chosen as a beneficiary of the Asda Green Token Scheme through Asda Tilbury.   Many thanks to the Tilbury Asda community champion for selecting us as one of Tilbury store’s charities.


Please vote for us, the £500 would enable us to buy items we have low stock of.  To increase our chances please vote for us weekly by following this link:-



Please share link amongst family, friends and work colleagues  ... share the love it feels good to support people in crisis 


If you can think of any other ways we can share this link beyond our normal social media etc, please contact Helen or myself.


Warehouse Administrator 


Thurrock Foodbank 10 June

Good afternoon from an excited Corringham Warehouse

Please click here to see video

Trussells Trust

We are pleased to confirm that Thurrock Foodbank has been selected by the Trussell Trust to be a Pathfinder Foodbank.

We are so pleased to have been selected and excited about what this means to us and the future of Thurrock Foodbank, as well as the benefits to the people we help in our community.

The Pathfinder programme will benefit  all food banks in the network to create their own local strategic plans, and work towards a shared Strategic vision across the Trussell Trust network. It is hoped that successful Pathfinder food banks will also inspire others to reflect on their learnings and share best practice.


The benefit of becoming a Pathfinder food bank we will have the opportunity to:

• Better align their activity and resources towards a future without the need for food banks 

• Learn and gain expertise from the Trussell Trust and other food banks across the UK 

• Increase positive outcomes for people in their local community • Increase the collective impact of the network 

• Be part of discovering new, effective ways to reduce the need for food banks locally and nationally 

• Structure our programmes to be able to build new partnerships and identify longer term supporters As part of the programme, Pathfinder food banks will receive targeted support from a dedicated Pathfinder team at the Trussell Trust, as well as access to specialists within and beyond the Trussell Trust to help provide in-depth advice and support.  


Pathfinder food banks will focus on? 

The first part of the programme is focused on induction and self-reflection, as the Trussell Trust supports each food bank to develop a bespoke strategic plan that works for their community.

 There are five key principles of the Pathfinder programme, including a shared commitment to:

 • A UK without the need for food banks 

• Developing a locally-designed strategic plan that aims to reduce the need for emergency food in that community 

• Adopting a proactive approach towards involving people with direct experience of poverty in the food bank’s work 

• Working in partnership with a variety of local stakeholders 

• Actively learning together as we trial new, locally appropriate approaches. 

In the first year, the programme will focus on: • Reviewing referral pathways • Increasing food banks’ engagement with people with direct experience of poverty • Developing income maximisation initiatives.  

This is clearly going to be a additional work load but will be a major benefit to the community please pray for us as we plan to support the people of Thurrock in a way that will be more helpful to them, give them the help they need and give them hope of a better future.


Items that we have lower stocks on include:

Tinned Fruit,

Sponge puddings,


Rice pudding,

Tinned Fish,


Thank you all so much for all your continued help & support it is very much appreciated


If you do want any further information on our work or would like to discuss any aspect of our work in the future in more detail please do not hesitate to contact me.


Best regards


Pete Newall

Operations Manager Thurrock Foodbank


Office: 01375-416200I