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From: Newall Peter [] 
Sent: 28 April 2022 11:34
Subject: Weekly Wire


Good Morning to you,

Sadly it is a bit cooler, but we are looking forward to a long weekend, so i do hope you are able to get some timeout!

The increasing cost of living is biting hard. Although every single one of us is being affected, no one is being hit harder than those on the lowest incomes.
We recognise that it is presenting us with different challenges and impacting how we support people in our community.

Our fluctuating stock levels and reducing incoming donations are a concern, this month alone we have spent over £1000 replenishing our stock. The recent increase in the energy price cap and sky rocketing fuel tariffs are also sending operational costs soaring, with utilities, running our van etc pushing up our costs.

Whilst together we strive for a future where everyone can afford the essentials, we want to make sure that we are able to continue providing emergency food to anyone in our community who needs it right now. 


Unfortunately, the sustained demand over the past few weeks this continues to hit our stock levels hard and the list seems to be growing, demand is 7% on the same period last year. We do value every single donation however large or small.

Long Life Milk,
Tinned meats - Spaghetti Bolognese, Tinned Curry, Sausages & Beans etc,

Tinned potatoes

Tinned Carrots

Tinned Sweetcorn

Tinned Fish,
Sponge Puddings
Tinned Custard
Rice Pudding
Tea Bags
Fruit Juice/ Squash

We value each and every donation, it is so essential for our work and supporting those in need within our community.

Date for your Diary: Monday 23rd May 2022 , from 1:00 pm.

The future strategy of Thurrock Foodbank.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, as we continue to support those in need across Thurrock, it is really valued.


Best Regards

Pete Newall

Operations Manager Thurrock Foodbank


Office: 01375-416200