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Our twinned church in South Africa

Breyten & Wesselton


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Our parish is twinned with the parish of Breyten and Wesselton.  There are several Mass centres in the area and the Parish Priest is based in Ermelo. He travels many miles to visit the various churches and say Mass and minister to his flock. We exchange news with our twin parish and send them copies of the "Brentwood News" and photos of any parish events. Most importantly we pray for our friends in South Africa and in turn they pray for us. This was particularly evident in the the past few years when they prayed regularly for Fr Paul during his illness. We have given a small amount of financial help to the young people in our twin parish. Funds were raised by table top and cake sales.  The money was used in various ways including helping the young people with transport to church events.

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Breyten and Wesselton - more information

The top photo shows, left to right, Doug Iles, Fr Gerald Gostling, Fr Peter, Graham Rose, Bishop of Dundee Diocese, SA ( we mention him at every Sunday mass)Fr Tomasz, Parish Priest of Parish of Newcastle, SA and of course Helene Iles in the front. The Bishop and Fr Tomasz were wearing the pith helmets Doug & Helen bought at Isandhlwana Natal, site of a major defeat of British troops by the Zulu

The second photo - Bishop Graham pushing Helen  Iles backed up by Father Gerald  Gostling and Doug Iles ( priceless)!!)