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Parish Contacts


The marble pelican symbol under the altar - more information at the bottom of the page

All of the people below can be contacted via the Parish Office at

01375 672167

or you can submit your questions/comments/ requests by filling in the contact  form at the bottom of the page.

Fr Anthony Cho

Parish Priest

Maureen H

Parish secretary

Joan R

Website Co-ordinator

Shelagh O

Baptism Coordinator

Initial applications should go directly to Father Anthony please

First Holy Communion Coordinators

Confirmation Catechists

Initial applications should go directly to Father Anthony please

Joseph F

Steward of the Gospel

Michael R

Treasurer/Gift Aid

Gareth O


Joan R

Rotas for Eucharistic

& Reading Ministries

Rota for cleaning

Janet G


Cynthia & Cindy

Altar Linen

Keith S

MC/Altar Servers

Father Anthony

Janet G

Robert P

George H

Eugene M

Gemma N

Michael R

Gary F

Parish Council

Father Anthony

Sister Christine

Sister Deborah

Gareth O

Joan R

Keith S

Liturgy Group

George H


John B


Janet G

Marys Meals

Doug I


Mrs F


Mick H

Snowdon Club

The pelican, on the altar  panel, is a symbol of our Lord. In the Middle Ages, the pelican was thought to be particularly caring towards its chicks, even to the extent of piercing its own breast to feed its young Hence the analogy with Christ