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Financial Report 2023

Our Lady and St Joseph (Stanford Le Hope) Finances commentary.

  1. 1  Our income is falling short of our expenses resulting in net losses

  2. 2  We could boost our income by depositing using Gift Aid, (for those paying Income Tax) which enables us to claim refunds of 25p from HMRC

  3. 3  The majority of the Parish's expenses are fixed costs and very minimal discretionary costs that we can do without. Since our costs are fixed costs, we ought to

  4. 4  Given the rise in the cost of living in the UK, expenses will go up, thereby further worsening our financial position.

  5. 5  The Finance Committee would like to encourage parishioners to set up direct debits from their bank accounts or to use Gift Aid envelopes to enable the Parish to

  6. 6  The Parish is appealing to parishioners to increase their offertory so that we can sustain ourselves.

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